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Scalp Mesotherapy


Scalp mesotherapy is a non-invasive hair treatment which  slows down capillary ageing, revitalising and strengthening the hair, while improving microcirculation and the supply of nutrients to the follicle through the action of injecting a cocktail of helpful chemicals directly into the scalp.

 The hair loss solution contain a combination of different vitamins, enzymes and hormones. This form of therapy is highly efficient in stimulating hair regeneration because it promotes effective blood circulation that  provides the hair follicles with all the important nutrients. 

This hair restoration treatment works so well because it was designed to directly tackle the main causes of hair loss, those being: lack of nutrients to the hair,  and blood circulation around the scalp. If you are concerned about your hair thinning and lacking in shine and volume, scalp mesotherapy will be a beneficial treatment for you.

What are the benefits of scalp mesotherapy?

Scalp micro-needling has so many benefits and is favoured by many. One main reason is this treatment creates  micro-channels that improves the  micro circulation and nutrient supply  to the hair follicles, which other hair treatments cannot provide. Another great reason is that the hair loss solution, is  not only a  powerful hair follicle protector and stimulator, but also it  slows the capillary ageing, Revitalise and strengthen the  hair  follicle. 

This is a pain free and comfortable treatment which will not leave you in recovery for a long period of time, which means it’s great for those who have a busy lifestyle.

Step one: Consultation

Our therapist will begin with a consultation to better understand your concerns surrounding the treatment and your desired outcome for your hair. At this point the therapist will explain the  process and will answer any questions you might have.

Step two: Step two: micro-needling

Superficial micro-needling  is delivered at a depth of 0.25mm on the scalp creating micro Chanel  and promoting the skin regeneration process . The mesotherapy solution is then applied to the scalp and needles in.

Typically, a session shouldn’t last more than half an hour to 45 minutes.

The aesthetician will recommend to have at least 6 sessions in order to begin seeing the hair growth stimulation effects. Afterwards, the sessions are set further apart only to diminish in number in the span of two-three months. You will have maintenance treatment to keep the results intact.

No. There is no reason why there should be more than a tingling sensation. Since the aesthetician hasn’t performed any surgery, there is no downtime. You can waltz out of the clinic, with a fresh, nurtured scalp and go about your day as usual.

Anyone with allergies related to the nutrients, the substance or the medicine administered. People with skin infections should also not partake. Breastfeeding and pregnant women should also exclude themselves from undergoing the treatment seeking less chemical-based hair restoration alternatives.



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Scalp Mesotherapy




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